Friday, September 30, 2011

Photo Tip Friday #4, Try a new perspective

As a photographer, I'm always looking at the background.  Is there something distracting? Or how can I use the background to enhance a picture. One of my favorite things to do is bluer out the background like the pictures below.  You do this by setting your aperture to a low number.  Mine was at F2.8.  

See how the yellow flowers have blurred and the girls just pop out?  I love it!  Recently, I've noticed that I've been using a lot of the same perspectives.  One day, I was watching a video by one of my favorite photographers, Brooke Snow. In her video she included the foreground in her photo.  It dawned on me, that I don't do that much and a new perspective is what I needed.  I love this next picture.

 I included the flowers in the foreground and blurred them out.   I love the effect and texture it gives the picture.  It makes the girls look like their being swallowed up by a field of flowers.  Now, not only am I looking at the background but also focusing on the foreground.  The foreground can really enhance your picture.  Give it a try!

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