Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unexpected Moments {Photography Tips for Moms}

I was right in the middle of making lunch when I looked over and saw all the kids around their older brother listening to a story.  I didn't want the food to burn but I couldn't past this moment up.  Photographing your children can be "unexpected" you never know when they are going to do something you're going to want to remember.  And it always seems to be right when you're in the middle of something.  Here's a few tips to help you be ready for those unexpected moments.

Be an observer.  As a mother, I know how crazy busy your days can be.  But I also know that you're great at multi-tasking.  So while you answering phone calls, preparing meals and changing diapers observe your kids more closely.  What is it about this stage in their life do you want to remember?  What are some of their favorite activities?   When you see them doing that grab your camera.

Always have your camera charged up and close by.  If you can have two batteries.  One in your camera and the other fully charged.  This way when one dies you can quickly change out the battery.  I went to a photography workshop once and forgot my one battery I had.  Luckily someone had an extra battery for me to borrow.  Lesson learned!

Get your camera ready before you kids see it.  I've learned to be very stealth when taking pictures of my kids.   I set my ISO, apeture and shutter speed before I bring out my camera.  This way all I have to do is point and shoot.  I can usually get a few good pictures before I hear, "Oh, mom not again."

Refuse to say cheese.  In the picture above I would have lost all the emotion of my kids if I had interrupted them and asked them to say cheese.  By observing  I was able to capture a great moment when they are ALL getting along.  Even if only for a few minutes.

This week look for those unexpected moments.   Observe your kids more closely, have you camera charged, get it ready before hand and refuse to say, "Cheese."  Please let me know if this was helpful and don't hesitate to email with questions or share your pictures.  I would love to see them. 

Keep Clicking,

If ISO, apeture and shutter speed are confusing.  I teach group or one-on-one photography classes.  Email me for details.

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