Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo Tip Friday #3 Capturing Conflict

This week and the next couple of weeks I want to concentrate on story telling. Because pictures do not have words we rely on the image to tell us the story. One way we can do this is by capturing conflict. I learned this tip from my mentor, Me Ra Koh. I like the way she explains conflict. She says, "Conflict isn’t necessarily bad or negative. It is a moment of emotion, tension, struggle, achievement, or an exchange between two people with something hanging in the balance."

The following photo to me tells a story of conflict. It's a moment of stong emotion. Violet was talking to her daddy nonstop on the phone. He had to go and ended up hanging up on her. You can tell by her face she wasn't to happy about it. No need for words the picture speaks for its self.

This week look for opportunities to capture conflict. Remember it doesn't have to be negative. It can be your little baby learning to crawl or walk for the first time. Or you toddler who has entered the "I'll do it myself" stage. Good luck!!! I would love to see what you captured.

Camera settings:
ISO 400
Apeture 1.4
Shutter Speed 320
I have a north facing window that lets indirect light filter in. I used an iso 400(not a whole lot of light in bedroom) and opened my apeture all the way to 1.4 to let as much light in and get a faster shutter speed. When taking pictures of toddlers I like to keep my shutter speed above 250.